Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Compact Tracking Telescope for High Energy Particles


The ALIBAVA Telescope has been successfully operated at the DESY and CERN-SPS beam lines.

The telescope consists of at least three planes (stations). The stations use ALIBAVA daughter boards to take the tracking information from two 90 degrees-turned strip sensors for XY positioning. The stations act as reference frame and allow precise track reconstruction. Each daughter connects to an ALIBAVA motherboard to process the information and they to a unique master board that synchronizes and controls the whole system. The system is triggered by two scintillators located at both ends.

Several devices can be tested simultaneously. Analysis of charge collection, cluster width, efficiency, resolution, time profile and other parameters of the devices under test with the software provided.

The telescope provides accurate particle tracking and hit point projection on device under test.


This product is sold under license of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Valencia (Spain)

  • Sensor: Microstrip Silicon, P‐on‐N silicon.
  • Sensor size: 10x10 mm2
  • Thickness: 300 μm
  • Read-out channels: 128
  • Pitch: 80 μm
  • Spatial resolution: < 10 μm
  • Chip BEETLE (technology from CERN/LHC)
  • Clock speed: 40 MHz
  • Dynamic range: 4 MIP
  • Synchronous external trigger. Trigger boards available.
  • Analysis software for Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Station dimensions: 100x80 mm2
  • Mother and Master board dimensions: 247x172x32 mm3
  • Voltage supply: +5 V
  • Mechanical structure and cooling available

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