Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Energy Resolution & Linearity of the CAEN MCA DT5780

The Digital Multi Channel Analyzer DT5780 represents the synthesis of CAEN's long lasting experience in high voltage power supplies and in digital acquisition systems. The device houses two HV channels with ±5 kV maximum voltage and two 14 bit acquisition channels with 100 MS/s sampling rate. The device allows through its internal logic to require coincidences and anti‐coincidences between events triggered by the two acquisition channels.

In the present Application Note we report the results obtained in internal tests of the Digital Multi Channel Analyzer DT5780. We are going to show the resolution of the energy measurement of gamma and X rays obtained with a HPGe detector. The wide spectrum of energy available allows also to obtain a preliminary test of the linearity of our MCA. We want underline that this test is preliminary and does not take into account the nonlinearity of the HPGe detector and the preamplifier, and possible dependencies on the event acquisition rate.

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