Thursday, May 8, 2014

CAEN MC2 Analyzer officially released!

The CAEN MC2 Analyzer has been specifically designed for digitizers running the Digital Pulse Processing for the Pulse Height Analysis (DPP-PHA) firmware as the DT5780 Dual Digital MCA. This software is able to completely control and manage a set of boards acquiring data simultaneously, making therefore a multi-board system a "Multichannel - Multichannel Analyzer".

MC2 Analyzer allows the user to set all the relevant DPP-PHA parameters for each acquisition channel (trigger threshold, trapezoidal filter parameters, etc.), handle the communication with the connected boards, run the data acquisition and plot both waveforms for on-line monitoring of the acquisition and histograms. It can also control the HV power supplies provided in DT5780. Moreover, it is able to perform advanced mathematical analysis on both the online and collected spectra: peak search, background subtraction, peak fitting, energy calibration, ROI selection, dead time compensation, histogram rebin and other features available.

MC2 Analyzer can provide as output both the energy - time stamp lists from each enabled channel for off-line analysis and spectra as 1-column ASCII or ANSI N42.42 compliant files, including all the useful information for third party commercial or user defined software for quantitative analysis.
MC2 Analyzer is also able to manage hardware coincidences from different channels to the same board and to handle different digitizers.

For more information visit the MC2 Analyzer webpage or watch the tutorial below.

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