Wednesday, January 16, 2019

VES-210 Production Vacuum Exhaust & Gas Backfill System

For over two decades xtronix has been delivering unique custom systems, instruments, cryostats and vacuum components.

Our latest shipment is a Vacuum Exhaust Station (VES-210) with gas backfill capability for an EU production plant of a very large multinational instrumentation firm.

xtronix custom designs removes the burdensome task of design engineering, parts procurement, assembly, testing and final qualification. We work with trusted suppliers, often companies we actively distribute products of, leaving our customers more time to focus on their own clients and less on worrying about all the intricacies of custom designs.

Past custom designs have varied from components as vacuum feedthrough assemblies for radar or night vision devices to Pirani vacuum gauges, cryostats, sputter coating and gas blending systems.

The VES-210 pictured here can be used for production of gas-backfilled devices typically as used in X-ray collection techniques such as X-ray Fluorescence / Diffraction products, or in the manufacture of appendage ion pumps, small communication devices or other pinch-off cavities. This concept can be expanded to a VES-310, -410 or reduced to a VES-110 concept.

High vacuum is achieved by a turbo-molecular pump with a scroll backing / roughing pump.

The vacuum cycle is fully automated via a touchscreen, menu-driven controller. Vacuum and gas hardware is stainless steel throughout and the vacuum components are mostly right out of our own 88-page vacuum components catalog. The system conforms to CE norms.

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