Tuesday, September 11, 2018

CAEN 40th Year Anniversary Catalog

In just a few months, CAEN SpA will celebrate their 40th anniversary. X-TRONIX AG/SA has been privileged to share 30 of those years, going back to when FASTBUS (IEEE 960) was the computer bus standard, and originally intended to replace Computer Automated Measurement and Control (CAMAC) in high-speed, large-scale data acquisition!
Going into the 40th year of cutting-edge innovations.
We will shortly be distributing the 2019 anniversary edition of the CAEN Electronic Instrumentation Product Catalog to the Swiss customer base. Click here to download your advanced PDF copy.
You will find the index on the back, starting on page 283. It also depicts some 65 new products.
Since 2017, CAEN has become the exclusive worldwide distributor for Weeroc ASICs. X-TRONIX is here to assist you also on this exciting line of off-the-shelf programmable analog and mixed front-end ASIC chips for photon and particle detectors readout. You can see the standard range on pages 209 to 214. Also, take a peak on page 176 & 177 for the new Weeroc ASIC-based solution to readout SiPM arrays with coincidence trigger logic.
A new and recent release, the preamplifiers for Fission Chambers and Proton Recoil which earlier this year made their formal entry on the Swiss market through a team at EPFL. Details are on page 188.
To ensure your copy of the printed catalog, please drop us an email: info@xtronix.ch (Swiss market only - all others please contact info@caen.it)
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