Friday, April 28, 2017

Nuclear Instrumentation & Services

CAEN SyS is a new group within the CAEN network of companies that provides nuclear measurement solutions and technical expertise for a wide array of applications:
  • Health Physics, Spectroscopy, and Radiation Measurements Systems
  • Custom Nuclear Measurement Systems: Plant, Waste, Safeguards, Security
  • Nuclear Waste characterization products and solutions
  • Spectroscopic survey of large surfaces with real-time mapping information
  • Detection of gamma and neutron sources; RPM Radiation Portal Monitor
  • Identification of gamma radionuclides and SNM detection
  • Networking of Radiation detectors and Robotics solutions
  • Safeguards and Security products for non-proliferation and threats
  • Fuel Cycle process monitoring and Fuel characterization
  • Fresh & Spent Fuel Burn-up solutions/measurements
  • Nuclear Emergency Preparedness: Training, Products, and Systems
  • Site Remediation studies; products and solutions for mitigation plans
With respect to Health Physics, we divide the medical nuclear applications in three families:
  • Nuclear Medicine wards: Detecting units as GMs. We also propose systems for the monitoring and disposal of wastewater (e.g.
  • Radiotherapy: Same interest in simple detecting units as GMs
  • Proton therapy and adrotherapy*: We propose whole monitoring system, including gamma and neutron detecting probes, monitoring carts, chimney monitoring systems, etc.
An important advantage of the CAEN SyS solutions is the modular approach of the monitoring systems, the number of I/Os and relays for interfacing with other systems and high efficiency in pulsed radiation fields.

In terms of references, through a joint collaboration of CAEN SyS & ELSE NUCLEAR, instrumentation for radiation monitoring is currently installed and in operation in the following research centers:
  • Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), different sites, Italy 
  • Elettra synchrotron, Trieste, Italy 
  • CERN, Geneva, Switzerland 
  • Bhabha Institute, different sites, India  
  • Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais (CNPEM), Campinas, Brazil  
  • PSI, Villigen, Switzerland (SwissFEL, order won in 2016, > 50 detectors)
We invite you to visit the new website to familiarize yourself with the extent of services and products.

*Adrotherapy: a technique to treat malignancies, similar to radiation therapy, that uses proton and carbon ion - adron - beams emitted by an accelerator of particles to “bomb” cancer cells.
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