Thursday, April 3, 2014

About Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensors

Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensors are thick film resistors which are interchangeable and usable in large magnetic fields with excellent accuracy without special calibration. These sensors are available as uncalibrated, grouped, or calibrated (Fig. 1) units at reasonable cost.

Excellent Magnetic Field Performance
Fast Thermal Response
Temperature Range: .05°K to 20°K. Custom ranges available, contact X-TRONIX.

Gold plated OFHC copper enclosure, Dia . . 093" (2.4mm) x Length .200" (5. lmm)
Phosphor-bronze lead wire-standard, 4-Leaded, Polyimide coated, 36 AWG, Custom leads available

Figure 2 shows the remarkable performance of the R0-600 in high magnetic fields. With a temperature error of less than ±1.6%, a simple linear formula allows correction of any apparent temperature, measured in a field up to 16 Tesla, to the actual temperature. This result may extend to higher fields, and is useful for a broad temperature range down to 36mK. It is independent of the orientation of the sensor in the magnetic field.
Since errors in temperature for uncalibrated thermometers, in any magnetic field up to 16 Tesla, accumulate to only a few percent, the R0-600 is exceedingly useful in most low temperature applications, and is versatile enough to use in most low temperature environments.
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