Monday, April 14, 2014

Digital Neutron-Gamma discrimination with Liquid Scintillators

In recent years CAEN has developed a complete family of digitizers that consists of several models differing in sampling frequency, resolution, form factor and other features. Besides the use of the digitizers as waveform recorders (oscilloscope mode), CAEN offers the possibility to upload special versions of the FPGA firmware that implement algorithms for the Digital Pulse Processing (DPP); when the digitizer runs in DPP mode, it becomes a new instrument that represents a complete digital replacement of most traditional modules such as Multi-Channel Analyzers (MCAs), QDCs, TDCs, Discriminators and many others. In this application note, CAEN describes the capability of the series x720 (12 bit, 250MSps) to perform neutron-gamma discrimination based upon the digital pulse shape analysis. The development of this FPGA firmware was based upon liquid scintillating detectors of type BC501-A.
All detector and neutron/gamma source based tests were performed at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) on the campus of the Duke University in collaboration with Prof. Mohammad W. Ahmed.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

About Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensors

Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensors are thick film resistors which are interchangeable and usable in large magnetic fields with excellent accuracy without special calibration. These sensors are available as uncalibrated, grouped, or calibrated (Fig. 1) units at reasonable cost.

Excellent Magnetic Field Performance
Fast Thermal Response
Temperature Range: .05°K to 20°K. Custom ranges available, contact X-TRONIX.

Gold plated OFHC copper enclosure, Dia . . 093" (2.4mm) x Length .200" (5. lmm)
Phosphor-bronze lead wire-standard, 4-Leaded, Polyimide coated, 36 AWG, Custom leads available
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