Monday, June 20, 2016

Nuclear Spectroscopy

Over the past decade CAEN has developed a wide range of digital data acquisition instrumentation to meet different nuclear spectroscopy requirements in a flexible manner. This is the result of years of experience collaborating in research projects which required the design of electronics for innovative radiation detection. These instruments are the synthesis of CAEN acknowledged design capabilities; high performance Waveform Digitizers with Digital Pulse Processing and state-of-the-art High Voltage Power Supplies, giving rise to a powerful yet palm-size family of products

ü  Environmental Monitoring
ü  Homeland Security
ü  Cultural Heritage Preservation

The GammaSTREAM highlighted in the PDF brochure (click to downnload) is an all-in-one digital MCA tube base for gamma ray spectrometry. It is designed for portability and can be plugged on standard NaI(Tl), LaBr3(Ce), CeBr3 detectors with standard 14-pin and 10-8 stages PMTs. The first systems have already been delivered and active marketing of the product world-wide is in progress.
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