Friday, February 7, 2014

Educational Kit from CAEN

Developed together with the University of Insubria, Como, the Educational Kit is ideal for advanced Physics teaching methods, thanks to its extraordinary features:

SiPMs as light sensors: Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) are state-of-the-art light detectors featuring single photon sensitivity and a unique photon number resolving capability, with a significant potential in high energy physics, astrophysics, medical imaging, cultural heritage, homeland security and LIDAR.

A fast digitizer for Data Acquisition: the CAEN DT5720A digitizer (2 Channels, 250 MS/s, 12 bit) running the DPP-CI Firmware is the heart of the experimental set-up. Thanks to this board the teacher will be able to show how real experiments in the world are nowadays developing their DAQ.

Three different light sources: an ultra-fast Led Driver, three different scintillating crystals (LYSO, BGO, CsI) and a two channels plastic scintillating tile make the kit ideal for teaching very different Physics fundamental aspects, from statistics to spectroscopy.

A Labview based Control SW and a MATLAB analysis tool: full control of the system (from the SiPMs power supply and amplification to the digitizer parameters) is easily performed thanks to an user-friendly GUI LabVIEW based software. Data analysis will be supported by advanced tools developed in MATLAB.

Educational Notes: several Educational Notes will be provided and continuously developed for covering different Physics topics and helping the tutor in exploiting the most advanced capabilities of the kit. The CAEN Educational kit is indeed an all in one solution to perform a series of experiments for undergraduates in Physics and Engineering, addressing a plurality of topics in statistics and basic Nuclear Science. Here is a set of proposed experiences:

An Educational Kit Based on a Modular SiPM System
ED3163: Background removal procedure based SNIP algorithm for Gamma ray spectroscopy

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